UPDATE April 2024

We are currently in communication with the City of Sydney regarding the permission we require to use our wall for street art purposes.

We hope that this will be resolved in a timely manner, so that the local community can continue to enjoy what is presented on the wall.



This wall, as indicated in the photograph by the white area, is available to be used for painting or stencilling;

The priming of the THE WALL B3D would be done by us at no cost to the user;

The user would need to cover the costs of other materials;

Please get in touch if you would like a PDF of THE WALL with measurements or any other enquiries;

We are currently taking proposals for May 2024 onwards;

At this stage we are considering that the period for use would be six months, this is to be confirmed.



The use of the wall is more than signage or something that people engage with fleetingly;

We'd like to stop people in their tracks of walking past, and if driving to follow up later;

We want people to think I haven't seen anything like that before;

We want to trigger memories and make people smile.


Some fantastic feedback about the wall and the inaugural work:

"Why would we want to live without this kind of fun in our lives? Who could find fault with this playful and intriguing wall? 
Your building has always been interesting with evolving signage and murals. This latest project seems a logical continuation of its past lives. Hoping for a Trotguide themed work soon. 
I bet people stopped to watch and talk while the painting took place. Ultimate street-level community involvement. Even if they don't totally get it, they'd be asking ‘What's this? Whats going on? Who? Why!?’ and maybe they’d step up to investigate. We need city communities to be full of connected and engaged people not just workers marching to and from work in a bedroom suburb of beige apartments.
I particularly love the ‘prompt service’ title and type. It's a lovely reminder of the handpainted signs of the past… a nod to every suburban corner garage of old Sydney, and the charm and enthusiasm they represent to the nostalgia lovers. Endless restoration or replication of ‘period correct’ heritage can be so restricted. It's refreshing to see a celebration of a building’s evolution over many decades, each one as valid a heritage as its first original appearance. 
I could go on and on… I just want to applaud this intriguing piece of art and hope it won't be the last one we see on your building."
Sophie from Braidwood
April 16 2024





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