EXHIBITIONS    THOMAS C. CHUNG:"How do I reach you...?"

17.09.12 to 13.10.12

'How Do I Reach You... ?' is a site specific installation with knitted bon bons, crocheted ice creams, cakes and broken teapots.


Utilising the combined techniques of knitting and crocheting, this project represents an ever-evolving piece, continuing Chung's interests in anxiety, illusion, playfulness and destruction. Structured, yet imagined free from any pre-existing patterns, these crafted sculptures are placed in a mountain-like disposition - food once used as a form of comfort.


The creative process of numbering each completed item was abandoned on this occasion, allowing the countless individual forms to overwhelm and absorb into a singular arrangement.


This body of work began as a concept four years ago, and has since grown of its own accord.



How Do I Reach You by

How Do I Reach You  2012

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